Let's Exploring!

Tucked away between the mountains of Aosta Valley, Italy a small group of film professionals decided to come together to explore the international cinematic scene together with the aim of placing Valle d’Aosta firmly on the cinematic map.

Red Sled Films was created by six film professionals working in multiple sectors throughout the International film industry. It aims to highlight talent, both local and international, giving a platform for young and old voices to be seen.

Valle d’Aosta is a Northern Italian region with many resources and opportunities for film production. It offers several landscape locations equipped with financing tools with support from the VDA Film Commission.

Red Sled Films responds to the need of the territory and local professionals giving the appropriate tools to effectively face the challenge of the contemporary audiovisual market and making an already “cinema-friendly” region even more attractive.

Red Sled

The name Red Sled Films is a wink at one of the greatest films in cinema history: Citizen Kane, coming together with the last stip of the famous ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ by Bill Watterson depicting Calvin and Hobbes together on the fresh snow, having fun in the wonder of a winter day: “It’s a magical world, Hobbes, old man” says Calvin, “Let’s go explore it!”. They leave together riding down a hill on a sleigh. So, with all this being said, Let’s go have a cinematic adventure together!