Meet the Team

Red Sled Films was born from the union of six professionals active in the film sector, each of whom brings different and complementary skills and experiences to the team.

Our team’s strength lies in the coming together of six diverse, talented professionals throughout the cinema industry that share a common vision: to build a production company in Valle d’ Aosta, giving life to original films and building bridges between cultures and knowledge reflecting the richness of the world around us.

Alessia Gasparella

Producer, Organizer & Programmer for differente international festival (ToHorror, FrontDoc, Tribeca).

Sally Cowdin

Actress, Writer & Dancer/Choreographer/Movement Director born in Kansas City, Missouri, cinema and teather in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Giulia Montagnana

Camera department & Rentals. She is currently focusing on working as camera operator making her way to DOP.

Giorgio Vigna

Location Manager, Unit Production Manager & Production Coordinator in international’s set.

Gian Luca Rossi

Director, Producer, Programmer (Cervino CineMountain), Artistic Director (FrontDoc) & Tutor of ‘Itineranze Doc’ Training.

Giada Mazzoleni

Producer, Executive Producer, Development Consultant. Founder of Paguro Films, Nastro d’Argento 2019 and selected at Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia with the documentary “Dario Argento panico”, AMC+ distribution.